The Wall of Hope is truly the most emotional part of all the Festivals of the Assisted Reproduction held so far. There, we shared our sadness, joy, bad thoughts, good news, as well as messages of encouragement to our loved ones and those who have not become parents, yet.

This year we are continuing with that tradition. We will all create our Wall of Hope together with the new messages, new drawings, new emotions – and all this with the help of a psychologist who will help us understand our feelings, what we are actually dealing with psychologically and whether it is possible to overcome it and how.

Also, this year we will turn all those emotions into something bigger: OUR IVF BOOK-BOOK OF HOPE.

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We are inviting you to come, to share with us your motivational messages, photos, thoughts, feelings…We want you to write us a message or bring a photo that symbolizes your struggle and strength, to write us a message that marked your path to parenthood.

If you already have become a parent, please encourage us with your story. Support your sister, son, daughter, or friend who is trying to become a mother… They say that paper is able to tolerate and handle anything, so share everything that lies in your soul, and is related to your fight against infertility…

Motivate, inspire, share happiness or sadness, desire or will, or any other feeling you have encountered during your infertility journey.

It is recommended to wear a protective mask at the event, all in order to protect all visitors from the COVID-19 virus.