We keep our traditions this year as the previous ones; we are organizing The International Festival of Assisted Reproduction in Serbia, third in order!

The Festival will be held on 2nd and 3rd October  2021, in the Envoy Conference Hall, Gospodar Jovanova St. no. 47, in Belgrade.

The Festival will be open from 10 am to 8 pm, on 2nd and 3rd October (Saturday and Sunday), and the entrance is free for all Festival visitors. Also, all other activities at the Festival, including consultations and discussions, are free of charge. All in order to help you to get what you want the most and that is a BABY!And that the two of you be at least three!

We are expecting more than 70 experts from different IVF clinics from Serbia and abroad, more than 50 clinics, pharmaceutical companies, laboratories, polyclinics, and other producers of supplements, as well as other non-medical products used in the fertility treatments.

You will be provided with all kinds of assistance, information, consultations, opinions, and education on fertility problems. All of this, because it matters! We know how it matters to have a baby!

Fertility treatments are a very delicate life problem that completely changes the habits and life of people who are facing them. That problem changes their social status, social norms, and literally turns their life upside down. It often happens that society and our environment do not understand enough, or even a little, this problem, and we just want to point out that this problem matters to us! Therefore, this year’s Festival slogan is: BECAUSE IT MATTERS!

The great interest of visitors from the previous years showed us that such an event is much needed, necessary and of great importance.

What did you tell us about the previous festivals?

“There is so much useful information! We are delighted! “

 “Free consultations meant a lot to me!”

 “I am delighted with the discussions – dinamique, useful and clear”

“I loved the Wall of hope the most! The psychological moment for me is the most important one! It’s hard for me, but when I’m among people who have the same problem – it’s much more easier! “

“Very useful! We have never ever been able to be so well informed about our problem as today at the festival! “

This year we have prepared 10-panel discussions in which more than 40 experts from the country and abroad will participate. You can check the topics, program, and lecturers on the link: PROGRAM

What we are promising are interesting, educational, informative, and open conversations. We are also expecting you to take part in the discussions and be active participants.

Topics are different, and they include almost everything about fertility treatments – from preparational interventions, through hormonal stimulation and psychological aspect, to donations and surrogacy. This year we are also offering an interesting subject in which psychologists will take part. They will talk to couples about their emotional experience during their infertility journey. We want to show how much psychological and emotional problems can affect the course of treatment and its final outcome.

There is truly a lot of news, helpful advice, information, free consultations, and other content we are preparing for you on 2nd and 3rd October! So sign in and come!

We are waiting for you!

It is recommended to wear a protective mask at the event, all in order to protect all visitors from the COVID-19 virus.