The Wall of Hope is the most emotional part of all the Festivals of assisted reproductions held. There we shared sadness, joy, bad thoughts, good news, and messages of encouragement to those who had not yet come true as parents. There we painted all the emotions we encountered on the way to the baby.

And this year we decided to continue a similar tradition. As before, we will all create together new messages, new drawings, emotions, plans, and trajectories… We will record wishes, objections, propose possible changes and improvements…

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We want you to come, and share with us motivational messages, photos, thoughts, feelings… To take with you a photograph that symbolizes your struggle and strength…

Tell us your story, and describe your path to the baby. Tell us if you’ve encountered discrimination, unnecessary advice, or if your path has been accompanied by support from the environment. Conjure up your days of anticipation, advise us on what helped you to take your mind off your mind and find your peace in a sea of tension and stress.

If you’ve come true as parents, encourage us with your story. Motivate those who have succumbed and are running out of will to move on… Send us some positive energy and add some enthusiasm by telling us what lies ahead at the finish line.

Motivate, inspire, share happiness or sorrow, desire or will… Or any other feeling you’ve encountered on this trip. Help us to create our WALL OF HOPE together again this year.

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