It’s not hard to find the Laboratory live at our festival, it’s enough to keep track of the crowds and those who formed the order to see the egg, the sperm, and the embryo under the microscope. Only UVF fighters have the privilege of returning the magic of returning embryos to the womb – the creation of a new life. Our wizards, embryologists, track our embryos from the first meeting of the egg and sperm, through cell division, to the very return to the body of the mother-to-be.

This is a unique opportunity to ask them exactly what it’s like to clean cells, how sperm swim, inquire about fertility methods, IVF methods, ICSI methods… Embryologists from the Association of Embryologists of Serbia with great care and patience conjured up every part of their work and we owe a special thanks to them because they bring the process of creating a new life under a microscope in detail and with patience.

This is a unique opportunity in which you can see what is really going on in the laboratory, what the fertility process looks like, and what apparatus the embryologist uses in a special method of creating a new life.

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Look through the microscope, get to know the mediums, test tubes, pipes, Petri’s mug, and everything that participates in the creation of a new life, while embryologists will explain the whole course of fertilization.

In vitro fertilization is not artificial and our Live Lab aims to show you! This year, the Association of Embryologists of Serbia will also try to present the procedure of out-of-body fertilization from its unique angle. Let’s take a look at what’s going on “on the other side” together.