At the Third International Festival of Assisted Reproduction, that will be held on October 2-3rd in the Envoy Conference Hall, Belgrade, we will have a large number of participants, all gathered with the aim to get and give a more comprehensive insight into the fertility problems and to give a direct assistance to all people having trouble with conceiving.

At the Festival there will be more than 70 experts from the country and abroad, fertility clinics, obstetrics and gynecological clinics, manufacturers of drugs and supplements used in the IVF processes, test distributors, laboratories, pharmacies, reproductive cells and embryos banks, clinics that perform cell and embryos donation procedures, agencies and institutions from abroad that deal with surrogacy, doctors from various fields (gynecology, urology, hematology, endocrinology…), embryologists, psychologists, Associations of patients – Serbia and from abroad, dieticians, acupuncturists, nutritionists … and many others .

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All participants are divided into two groups: LECTURERS AND EXHIBITORS.

Some 40 experts will take part in the 10 panel discussions that we are organizing in two days. Free consultations will be organized with 50 experts and some 30 exhibitors’ stands will be at your disposal.


To see the list of all the exhibitors, please visit the following link: EXHIBITORS.

To see the list of all the lecturers and consultants, please visit the following link: LECTURERS AND CONSULTANTS. You can schedule free consultations with some of them as well as listen to some of them during the panel discussions.

To view the Festival program, visit the following link: FESTIVAL PROGRAM.

To schedule a free consultation, visit the following link: FREE CONSULTATION.