September 25, now traditionally, was a meeting place for all those who need help on the way to progeny and doctors from Serbia and many European countries willing to answer all questions and doubts. The fourth International Festival of Assisted Fertilization under the slogan  “For More Babies”  was held at the Holiday Inn Hotel, organized by the Chance for Parenthood Association.

The festival was visited by more than 700 people, of whom almost two hundred had the opportunity for individual free consultations with experts from Serbia and abroad.

This year, experts from Serbia, but also from Macedonia, Greece, the Czech Republic, Turkey and Russia answered all our questions and concerns through six panel discussions. It is particularly pleasing that each of the six topics attracted attention, so that every last place in the discussions was filled.

The booth part of the festival, where we hosted exhibitors, representatives of numerous clinics, laboratories and friendly associations of citizens with a similar goal – solving the problem of infertility, was the place of many useful conversations. As well as each other, the visitors of the festival had the opportunity to learn about treatment methods at the clinic stands, to learn about prenatal tests, but also about numerous analyzes that doctors refer them to on the way to a baby.

We once again had the opportunity to learn about IVF behind the scenes in the Live Laboratory – the most interesting corner of every festival held so far. This year too, the laboratory attracted the attention of those present. The Association of Embryologists of Serbia, in a completely interesting way, took us through the procedure of in vitro fertilization, which is foreign and unknown to all of us: we observed the movement of spermatozoa under a microscope, got to know the equipment used in this process, petri dishes, media, observed how freeze and store embryos…

We are glad that in cooperation with a psychologist, we created My Second Diary this year as well – the most emotional part of the festival that left everyone speechless. We are surprised and at the same time delighted by the openness and increasing number of people interested in putting their emotions on paper. All these worries, sorrows, ups and downs, breaks and anxieties, but also words of praise and hope, remain engraved in us long after the festival. My vto diary most nakedly represents everything that someone who fights for a child goes through.

Thank you for your visit, for your words of praise and for the wind behind us to continue fighting through new projects for better conditions for infertility treatment for all of us. We hope that you managed to get advice and recommendations for further treatment and that even after this festival we will receive a lot of the good news that we wish you and why we are organizing all this – FOR MORE BABIES!

You can watch the recordings of the Panel discussions from the Fourth Festival of Insemination on our YouTube channel, in the playlist below: