It is difficult to create an invitation for an event that is now, traditionally, taking place for the fifth time and for which we know you are eagerly awaiting. Our International Assisted Reproduction Festival has become a central event and gathering place for all those trying to conceive.

As is already known, numerous discussions await you at the festival on all current and important topics that we discussed during the year, but during this meeting, experts from numerous fields and various parts of Europe will speak to you on these topics. It is they who will hold free individual consultations with all those who express interest and apply through our website. As the slogan itself announces, we will do our best to talk about all the ways and chances to get offspring – in vitro fertilization, donation of reproductive cells, as well as adoption. We want you to go home after the end of this important event with new hope, motivation and a chance for success.

At the festival, you can also expect the presentation of our collaborators through the stand section , along with the giving of symbolic gifts and lots of advice. The Association of Embryologists of Serbia will try again this time to bring you closer to the process of reproduction in laboratory conditions through the Live Laboratory .

An indispensable part of the festival is certainly our Wall of Hope , which, we are sure, will be the most emotional segment of our event this time as well. We are sure that this year all those present will participate in creating the most realistic picture of infertility and all the feelings, difficulties, problems and different situations that it brings. We know that there will be many messages of encouragement and the occasional anecdote that will make us smile, because all these mixed emotions are part of the path to the baby.

And of course that’s not all! In the special corner for socializing, which we are preparing for you this year, you will find many surprises. We want to have a special corner for taking pictures, which will remain as a memory of a wonderful moment. We will display our souvenirs again and we will create a space for meetings and conversations.

We are looking forward to the new meeting and this our most numerous gathering. Welcome to the Festival of Assisted Reproduction!

We are waiting for you at the Fifth International Festival of Assisted Reproduction, under the slogan “For New Chances” , which will be held on October 14 from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the Holiday Inn Hotel in New Belgrade – Španskih Boraca Street 74. Admission is free!