All those who have defeated infertility are heroes! The special feeling is carried with it by every mom who’s fought for her baby. Is there enough reward for all the fractures and fears? There’s certainly no greater reward than a baby, but we wanted to bring our success closer to others. Those who may not even know how difficult the road we’ve come is. As no matter how many times you’ve been in in vitro fertilization, or with a little help from insemination, you’ve had a baby, you’ve been on reproductive cell donation – your journey is your journey and deserves respect.

Our fight is special, and our success is great! That’s why anyone who has succeeded in achieving their goal has a desire to express it. We found an interesting way to do it! We did our best to provide everyone with the opportunity to receive the VTO fight symbol in the form of gifts, just like a small trophy that testifies to the success of the greatest battle of your life that you have fought or fought now.

We formed something different, which you haven’t had a chance to meet before in Serbia – our Chance’s IVF corner are you’ll find some interesting little things from the VTO world, and it’s all in the sign of us – our struggle and our successes, our Chances for Parenting!

Many babies already wear bankers with interesting inscriptions, bunnies porticoes… Many of our brave moms-to-be are fighting their battle right in their nightgown with a sign that symbolizes the fight we’re fighting or we’ve fought.

Take a peek at Chance’s IVF corner! With a donation to the Association, you will be able to receive a memento of your fight in return. By choosing one of our products you help further work and sustainability of our Association Chance for Parenthood.

They say “all this will be yesterday one day”, so let’s preserve the memory of what must not be forgotten – that once upon a time, there was a brave woman who alone, or with the support of her man, bravely walked towards her goal, believing that the most desired one was waiting for her there – her baby.

Visit Chance’s VTO corner at our Festival and delight yourself, your baby, or your loved ones with the most beautifully colored cloth in the world :), a symbol of the most important fight in the world…