About Us

The Association Chance for Parenthood is an association of interested citizens gathered and engaged in efforts to improve the conditions of in vitro fertilization in Serbia. Association is the organizer of many events that raise awareness of the importance of in vitro fertilization, publisher of the Chance for Parenthood Magazine, and active participant in the project of the Ministry of Health and the Foundation It does not matter the company Nectar – Center for In Vitro Fertilization.

For more information about the Association, visit our website www.sansazaroditeljstvo.org.rs

We are trying to act on several fronts – to inform and educate, to actively take part in the system changes in order to influence the competent services to create all the necessary conditions to improve the quality and conditions of the fertility treatments in Serbia.

The Association Chance for Parenthood has so far organized four Festivals of Assisted Reproduction.

First International Festival of Assisted Reproduction “You are not alone”

Second International Festival of Assisted Reproduction “Think About It”

Third International Festival of Assisted Reproduction ” Because is Matters”

Fourth International Festival of Assinsted Reproduction “For more babies”,

To contact the Association Chance for Parenthood call +381616245224 or write to info@sansazaroditeljstvo.org.rs